Goodmood Berlin

While living in Berlin (Germany) we feel the pulse of this city, created by the Berlin citizens and the plenty of international tourists enjoying this great city of electronic music & colourfull culture

CDR Berlin: The night of ideas and tracks in the making

CDR is the platform for the airing of new ideas, works in progress, unreleased songs, remixes and edits in a sound-system oriented environment. Created on laptops, bedroom studios, sampling sequencers and digital multi-tracks, music producers can at last air their productions in a neutral space to a like-minded audience. CDR connects producers, labels, DJs and music lovers- simply for the love of music.

CDR provides a platform for music-makers, whatever your level of experience, to bring tracks that are a works-in-progress and have them played out loud on a quality sound-system amongst a community of like-minded music-makers and fans of new music.

As I´ve heard the concept of CDR got born in London (already 10 years ago) by Tony Nwachukwu , while CDR Berlin got born in 2011.

CDR is taking place once a month and I´ve definetely NEVER expierienced a session that wasn´t worth dropping over!

Some Impressions: 

Detroit legend THEO PARRISH says we should stop wasting time on video games because it´s better to invest it in making music. Word!

CDR Berlin Workshop THEO PARRISH (Sound Signature) from CDR on Vimeo.

Producer HENRIK SCHWARZ explains how he organizes his live sets in Ableton and how he programmed his Schwarzonator plugin:

CDR Berlin Workshop HENRIK SCHWARZ (Innervisions) from CDR on Vimeo.

DJ & Producer Stuart Li (BASIC SOUL UNIT/ Herman) explains how he produces his analog sounding dance floor tunes in Reason:

CDR Berlin Workshop BASIC SOUL UNIT (Toronto) from CDR on Vimeo.

 More Information about CDR:

CDR on Vimeo:


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